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The ceramic image database is available through a large MS Access database, at:

This is a large file (c. 200MB), and the link should allow you to open this database on your PC - PLEASE let me know if this is not accessible: my version of MS Access has developed a glitch, so I cannot access this file myself at present

Please remember, this is information belongs to Crickley Hill Trust & K Jarrett, and is subject to copyright restrictions; the database may not be reproduced and / or transformed in any way, or redistributed. Selected images may be used with permission (see contact details) - I may have a more suitable version for you, so please ask.

And, this is still a work in progress - I need to provide / modify descriptions of these finds (and this file will be updated) - so please be patient! This is work is undertaken voluntarily, and it is therefore likely to be a while before it is finished...

(Please note: only selected sherds have been photographed - there are many thousand sherds, and most are either fragments, or of very similar fabric. I hope to make the entire period 4 database available online, on completion)